What is T-FIT?


T-FIT is foremost a product embodied by the idea that tea and coffee should be available to enjoyed by anyone.

T-FIT lowers barriers to entry by being an affordable solution to enjoy a gourmet tea and coffee experience.


T-FIT products enable a wider range of consumers of tea and coffee to be able to enjoy a better cup because T-FIT products are designed with materials to focus on the true taste of tea and coffee compared to other similar products that leave a pulpy papery taste.

T-FIT products are also environmentally friendly being made from both biodegradable and compostable materials.


Treat Yourself. Treat the Earth.





To create our own footprint in the tea industry, T-FIT was created.

With our patent pending tea filter design created by our CEO Yun Byung-Nam we expect to expand tea culture to fit out motto of tea being an experience for anyone anywhere at anytime.

We are making drinking tea a more personalized experience.